Warner Bros. Reportedly Cancels Batgirl Movie

Amidst an ever-changing release schedule for Warner Bros‘ DC Universe, Leslie Grace is set to make her debut in the long-awaited Batgirl solo movie within the DC Extended Universe. but for all the excitement that’s built up for this release, it’s dealt with its fair share of problems as well.

Originally set for a release exclusively on HBO Max, Batgirl was later moved to a big-screen debut long after filming for the bat-centric solo movie came to an end. Then, in the middle of Warner Bros.‘ public merger with Discovery, the new outing had its release delayed until at least 2023 after Black Adam and Shazam!: Fury of the Gods close the year out for Warner Bros.

With this delay keeping Batgirl out of the public eye even longer than expected, fans are certainly anxious to find out what the specifics are for this new take on the Caped Crusader. However, a recent stream of news releases only adds even more confusion to what’s going on with Barbara Gordon and crew within the DCEU.

Batgirl Movie Reportedly Removed From Schedule

The New York Post reported that Warner Bros. has removed the upcoming Batgirl movie from its release schedule despite the flick’s $70 million price tag.

A top Hollywood source reportedly informed the outlet that the new solo film has been „shelved“ by Warner Bros., meaning that it may never release in theaters or on HBO Max.

The report indicates reactions to the Batman spin-off were so bad that Warner Bros. decided to abandon the film.

The Wrap also backed up this report, indicating that Warner Bros. is heavily focused on big screen blockbusters that are seen as „big theatrical event films,“ and the studio doesn’t see Batgirl as that kind of event. The report noted that the studio does want to work with starring actress Leslie Grace again, along with directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah.

However, notable scooper Big Screen Leaks responded to the report by simply replying „Me when I lie,“ potentially casting doubt on the outlet’s information.

Hunter Bolding of That Hashtag Show echoed those sentiments by indicating that it „smells like bullshit,“ looking back to how he’s reported similar news before:

„This smells like bullshit, and I’ve reported on DC shelving movies before.“

Discussing Film editor-in-chief Jacob Fisher bluntly said that anybody who believes news like this is „out of [their] mind:“

„You’ve got to be absolutely out of your mind if you believe this is true. Stop falling for such callous bait.“

However, Fisher later shared The Wrap’s report, quoting the statement about Warner Bros. wanting to make its DC movies „big theatrical event films:“

„Warner Bros Discovery decided to cancel the release of BATGIRL as they are ‚committed to making DC titles big theatrical event films, and BATGIRL isn’t that.'“

Insider KC Walsh shared the article and noted how „obvious“ it was that the story was completely made up:

„Again if you actually read the Post article it’s obvious it’s fabricated“

The Hollywood Reporter’s Richard Newby asked how fans could take this report seriously considering where it came from:

„Y’all taking the NY Post’s fabricated bullshit seriously? Nah.“

Fandom’s Eric Goldman also debunked the report by noting that Warner Bros avoided promoting any of its post-2022 DC movies at San Diego Comic-Con, indicating that The Post used unreliable „proof“ in its report:

„I have no idea if there’s anything true about quality concerns but simply don’t believe this won’t be released and at least one bit of ‚proof‘ they use (no mention by WB at SDCC) is ridiculous since WB didn’t promote ANY post-2022 DC movie, including Aquaman, Flash or Blue Beetle“

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