Todd McFarlane Reveals When a Big Spawn Movie Announcement Will Arrive

More concrete news on the long-awaited live-action Spawn reboot will be released during New York Comic Con, according to Todd McFarlane.

The live-action Spawn reboot is slowly but surely making progress, and Spawn creator Todd McFarlane said news on the project would be revealed during New York Comic Con in October.

„We’re still moving forward on the movie,“ McFarlane told CBR during a San Diego Comic-Con 2022 interview. „We were debating whether to make a big announcement because we’ve been adding pieces to it here at San Diego. So all the parties that were involved, we had the conversation: ‚Do we make the announcement here or do we wait and keep our gunpowder dry until New York Comic Con?‘ And we eventually said we’ll do it at New York.“

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McFarlane added that work on the film — which was originally teased in 2015 and has faced numerous delays — was still very much ongoing, and new talent had recently signed on board. „We’ve made some announcements of people who are attached to it, but not all of them,“ he said. „…We just wanna hold a little bit longer until we’re a little bit closer to the final script that we’re going to be selling out in Hollywood, so the buzz will be big. So people will go, ‚Oh my gosh, that person and that person’s attached? Oh my gosh.‘ As we’re heading into Hollywood, trying to sell it, we’d rather have the pop up there.“

In March, McFarlane made similar statements, stressing that progress on the new Spawn movie was getting „hot and heavy.“ He also asked fans for their patience and acknowledged the recent surge in darker superhero films like Matt Reeves‘ The Batman, saying, „There is a hunger there … that everything doesn’t have to quite go down to the 7-year-old level.“

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Spawn in Live Action

The original Spawn live-action film was released in 1997. It featured Michael Jai White as protagonist Al Simmons and other big-name stars including John Leguizamo as Violator and Martin Sheen as Jason Wynn. The movie received generally negative reviews but gained a cult following, and talk of a sequel began as early as 1998. In the intervening years, both Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner have been attached to the project, and in 2017, Blumhouse Productions signed on to produce the film.

Aside from the Spawn movie, McFarlane launched a television division in 2021. Sam and Twitch, the two hardboiled detectives who have appeared in many a Spawn comic, are slated to appear in their own series. Casting and production information about the project have yet to be released.