The Movie’s Tyler Posey addresses Scott’s biggest change

Teen Wolf: The Movie will be released this week, reuniting us with most of the pack after after a six-year break (although it’s been a lot longer in universe).

There’s a lot of nostalgia and tons of Easter eggs, but we won’t go into spoilers here. What will do is let Tyler Posey tell you, in his own words, how his character Scott McCall has changed between the TV series and the film.

„He’s a lot different,“ the actor exclusively told Digital Spy. „You know, I think the last time we saw Scott, he wasn’t quite settled as an adult.

„When you become an adult and you’re a little bit older, you feel a bit more comfortable with who you are as a person, while also dealing with life — whatever life throws at you.

„So you’re more comfortable, you’re more zen, but you also have all this baggage. I think that’s where we meet Scott.“

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Posey continued: „He’s stepped away from the leadership role, so he doesn’t have that aspect inside of him, which is always calling to him. So he feels a little bit lost. He’s a little lonely. But he’s an adult.

„I think he wears it well. It’s really fun to see him as a sort of more relaxed, zen person. Then everything goes to shit.“

Despite a movie-level threat to deal with, Scott handles the situation in a more „calculated and mature“ way, Posey explained.

„It’s really fun to see him through that journey. And then when he sees Crystal — [who plays] Allison — that kind of throws him off of his… you know, it kind of snaps the leadership role back into him,“ he told us.

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The actor added: „Seeing him reapply the leadership role with this sort of new adult persona that he has is really fun.

„It was really fun to play, and really interesting to watch. I think he does an awesome job.“

Teen Wolf: The Movie will be released on January 27 on Paramount+ UK, and a day earlier on the service in the US.