The LEGO Movie 3 Producer Updates the Sequel’s Status

The Lego Movie producer Dan Lin confirms the 2014 animated action-adventure comedy film’s second sequel is still in active development.

The Lego Movie 3 producer Dan Lin recently shared a positive update on the upcoming sequel’s status.

Lin discussed the second follow-up to animated action-adventure comedy The Lego Movie in an episode of The Ankler’s Hot Seat podcast. „We’re very active in development on the next LEGO Movie,“ he said. „We know we have to switch it up and take it to a different art form that’s still true to LEGO. So we’ll have some announcements soon, but I’m actually really excited about the progress we’ve made. It’s a tough one because [original writing-directing team Phil Lord and Christopher Miller] had really raised the bar for what a LEGO movie should look like and feel like, and the tone. I think we’ve reinvented it in a cool way, but it’s a bit early to announce it.“

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The Lego Movie was a huge hit when it premiered back in 2014, garnering near-universal critical acclaim and raking in $468.1 million at the box office off the back of an estimated $60-65 million budget. The film was notable for bringing together a raft of different high-profile pop culture properties, including Star Wars, Harry Potter and several superheroes from the DC Universe. Miller later shared the story behind The LEGO Movie’s crossovers on Twitter. „In The LEGO Movie the IP crossover originated from me watching my son play with LEGO and put Batman and Chewbacca in a spaceship together,“he tweeted.

A Timeline of the LEGO Movie Franchise

The LEGO Movie was followed by a spinoff, 2017’s The LEGO Batman Movie, which focused on Will Arnett’s Dark Knight who was introduced in the original film. Like its predecessor, The LEGO Batman Movie was a critical and commercial success, with many reviewers praising its script, animation, cast and numerous callbacks to Batman’s history. A sequel was announced in 2018, however, these plans were ultimately scrapped after Universal purchased the rights to the LEGO franchise from Warner Bros. Director Chris Mackay subsequently confirmed that a first draft of The LEGO Batman 2 script was completed before the project was canceled, describing it as „truly epic… both from an action standpoint and from a story standpoint.“

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Another LEGO Movie spinoff also premiered in 2017, The LEGO Ninjago Movie. This entry in the franchise’s canon was met with a more lukewarm response from critics and audiences, making $123.1 million in ticket sales compared to its $70 million budget. The LEGO Movie’s 2019 direct sequel The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part fared somewhat better by comparison, although it still failed to meet Warner Bros.‘ expectations and ultimately convinced the studio to sell the franchise.

The LEGO Movie 3 does not have a release window.

Source: Hot Seat