The “Bubblegum Dreamworld” Of Teen Movie Do Revenge Has Its Roots In ’90s Classic Clueless

Similarly, while the upper echelons of previous teen movie society would be dripping in designer clothes, Morshead deliberately used the platform of Do Revenge to celebrate independent, female-owned companies. “You’ll see a lot of the characters in, say, a vintage pair of shorts with a top from a young designer,” she says. “So when it comes out and people start looking for these pieces, it’s not completely unattainable.” 

Some of those brands include The Mighty Company, responsible for the metallic bomber jackets Eleanor receives as an initiation into the popular girl group; Miracle Eye for the matching ’70s style floral dungarees and bucket hat she wears on the school farm, and 3 Women Co for the linen suit she wears in a redemptive final scene. Lesjour! kitted out all of the teen in-patients at the bougie rehab facility in pastel loungewear, while RoseCut made an 8 ball-print two-piece suit for queen bee Tara. 

And, as Mona May and other costume designers have before her, Morshead made outfits from scratch too. Maya Hawke had to be persuaded into the co-ord made almost entirely of orange trouser zippers and lamé for the climatic party scene of the film, but Morshead persisted. “I woke up one morning and was like, ‘orange zippers’, so I just went to the store and bought a bunch,” she explains. “I remember showing Maya and she was like, ‘I cannot, orange is not my colour’. But I asked her to trust me and let me make it – she didn’t have to wear it. But when she put it on, she loved it.” 

Time will tell if the zipper two-piece will become as iconic as Romy and Michele’s ballroom outfits, or Cher’s plaid suit. But Morshead has grand ambitions. “I didn’t want to make it too 2022 because I wanted it to be like how I think of those movies from 20 years ago,” she says. “I wanted this movie to still be referenced in 20 years time.”