The Best Christmas Movie’s Sequel Release Date Revealed

By Mark McKee
| Published

a christmas story 2

Some movies just stand the test of time. Whether it be because they are heralded as among the greatest films ever to grace the screen (see Gone with the Wind or Casablanca) or because they are so bad they’re must-sees (see The Room). Some last forever because of the season they usher in. Hocus Pocus falls into that category. Then there are the hundreds of Christmas movies that we binge every year and the dozens more that get made to fill Hallmark’s slate of December film marathons. Everything from It’s a Wonderful Life, to How the Grinch Stole Christmas, to Die Hard (every year brings this argument to the table), Christmas movies are a time-honored tradition. Perhaps the best of the best Christmas movies is A Christmas Story. We can watch that film every year and never tire, but we’re getting more Ralphie, and it’s happening soon on HBO Max. 

In January of this year, it was announced that A Christmas Story was going to return to the holiday screens. It was reported that not only is it a continuation of the same characters, but that Peter Billingsly himself would be reprising his role as Ralphie. Since then, there have been multiple updates of the cast that will be involved and the storyline the film will follow. But when fans could expect to see the film was under wraps. It would almost certainly be a Christmas movie; anything else would be so unacceptable as to cause Black Friday-sized crowds of protesters. However, fans didn’t know if they could expect it this Christmas or next. And with the recent shakeups over at Warner Bros. and the future of HBO Max in question, nervousness set in. Deadline reports that there is nothing to fear, as A Christmas Story Christmas is set for November 17. 

A Christmas Story Christmas will see an adult Ralphie return to the house on Cleveland Street in an effort to provide the same magical Christmas he experienced. While it is sure to have bunny suits, icicles threatening to put an eye or two out, and a double-dog dare here and there, the plot also promises some more profound emotion. Ralphie will not only be trying to recapture the magic of Christmas but also working to come to grips with the passing of his father. While Darren McGavin’s portrayal of The Old Man was one of the reasons the original film was so enjoyable, the actor died in 2006, and the void will carry an emotion the audience will feel along with Ralphie. 

The rest of the cast is rounded out by other returning stars, Ian Petrella as Randy, Zack Ward as Scut, Scott Schwartz as Flick, and R.D. Robb as Schwartz. Erinn Hayes, River Drosche, and Julianna Layne are set to join in new roles, presumably Ralphie’s wife and children. And Julie Hagarty has signed on to play Mother Parker, taking over the part from Melinda Dillon. If you have been missing the old-school level of Christmas movie quality in recent years, HBO Max looks to be coming to the rescue with A Christmas Story Christmas