Teen Wolf: The Movie ending explained: What happened to Derek?

Spoilers ahead of Teen Wolf: The Movie

Teen Wolf: The Movie got the Pack back together…so to speak.

Unsurprisingly, it was all hands on deck when Allison Argent was resurrected without her memories and only a general understanding of what was going on. The Nogitsune used her as a distraction and a pawn in its game, taking advantage of the Pack’s emotional turmoil over having to combat a lost loved one.

Ultimately, however, they were able to get through to Allison. She’d remembered her connection to her father and Scott had appealed to the deep love they have for one another to get her to listen. Even though she barely had a handle on the present situation she was put it, Allison chose to fight along side the Pack to stop the Nogitsune.

Lydia was able to further help Allison by unleashing a banshee wail that triggered her best friend’s memories and with that the Nogitsune’s hold fell from the monster hunter all together. It, however, had one last trick up its sleeve. When forcing Allison to shoot Scott didn’t work thanks to Hikari’s kitsune fire protection, it pulled Scott, Derek, and Eli into a pocket world.

By listening to each other, they were able to escape and take hold of the Nogitsune. The Hellhound, Deputy Parrish, had the ability to burn the trickster from existence with hellfire, but it would require the demon being held still. Not willing to see his son or Scott sacrifice themselves, Derek decided to be the one to hold the supernatural creature.

Did Derek die in Teen Wolf: The Movie?

Yes, in an emotional scene which saw Derek saying goodbye to his son and the rest of the Pack watching on as he made his sacrifice, he did die along with the Nogitsune. This, however, is the Teen Wolf universe so it’s hard to believe this death will stick. After all, this movie brought Allison Argent back from the dead, who’s to say a sequel can’t do the same for Derek down the line.

But for now, Derek has been laid to rest and his Pack is mourning him. Eli is being taken care of by Scott and Allison who have plans to adopt him once he’s ready. And he now has ownership of Stiles’ old Jeep, the same one Derek has complicated feelings about and that Eli has stolen from Hale Auto countless times.

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