Sylvester Stallone will show off super-muscles in new movie

Sly’s guy hides in plain sight

Sylvester Stallone on his vigilante pic “Samaritan.”

“It’s a take on first having supernatural gifts and then suddenly things aren’t turning out. And comes tragedy. Superhero says, ‘Enough saving society. I can’t save myself,’ and he hides as a trashman living this lonely existence 25 years. Then, it’s finally back to hero stuff.

“I know tough guy territory. I have a knack for action films that have a heart. These people aren’t impervious. They can die. How do you root for Superman, who’s bulletproof? These people aren’t. They’re everyday people.

“Like if Superman’s your neighbor but also a vampire, you’d go, ‘Really? He looked like us.’

“It’s timely because we’re going through upheaval. No one agrees with anyone, cities became fragmented and badness comes in. And I sort of lead the way. It’s a morality tale but exciting. Different from a bombastic Marvel film.”

Still buff at 76, Sly’s sly about physical scenes. He’ll blend in. “No taking off my shirt.”

Odds & ends, in town & out

Even anchors have to eat. Lesley Stahl spent 60 minutes at Straight Wharf on Nantucket. Had swordfish. ABC’s David Muir dined at Estiatorio Milos in Hudson Yards. Sat in back with friends. Talking with a phone in each hand. Gave a giant goodbye wave — seemingly to no one.

Lesley Stahl attends the premiere of "Marcel The Shell With Shoes On" at the Whitby Hotel on June 18, 2022 in New York City.
Lesley Stahl was spotted at the Straight Wharf on Nantucket.
Getty Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

Another foodie, Cy Vance, DA before NY had to gag on Bragg, at Hawksmoor on 22nd Street. He schlepped takeout.

Meanwhile, Barry Manilow wrapped an East Coast tour of the non-culinary variety in Allentown, Providence, Philly.

Everyone should do West 27th’s McKittrick Hotel. Dinner at 6 at rooftop restaurant Gallow Green then downstairs to the “Speakeasy Magick” show at 8. The experience is magical.

Gallow Green dining.
The Gallow Green can be found inside West 27th’s McKittrick Hotel.
Paul Wagtouicz

Setting the table

HEARING what with extremists, TV newscasters, political echoes and cancel culture, today’s kids often reject parental politics and family dinner can become a hotbed.

Oprah’s guru “The Miracle Mentality” author Tim Storey and psychiatrist Dr. Colleen Hawthorne now teach how to discuss politics at home, how family, religion and culture shape political views, how institutions say you’re un-American if you disagree, how not to fear discussing issues in one’s own home, plus the methods seniors can use when juniors start to overheat.

In Our Country ’Tis of Me, the education experts are taking a giant step away from teaching those three Rs.

Deeply pondered maybe not only in New York, kids, only in New York.