Bali’s Viking Sunset Studios (BVS) opened its BALI MOVIE CAVE today on the top floor of their Sanur Headquarters building to help attract Hollywood-style film makers to Bali!

SANUR, Bali, Indonesia, Sept. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — What? A cave on top of a building? 

Yes, it’s a play on the word man-cave, where all stakeholders interested in growing the Balinese film economy can join teams and technology for brainstorming and creative solutions.  „The creative cave“ is actually a bright solid glass office enclosure built on the top of the building with panoramic views of Sanur and sunsets, well equipped with big screen TV, projector, coffee, and comfortable meeting facilities to maximize film creativity and teamwork.

The floors below are already buzzing with activity, both from the enhanced soundproof studio and interview corner with its ARRI Mini LF camera, and the 5-year-old environmental SOS Foundation hosted by BVS, every day rescuing surplus foods and annually serving millions of meals to those in need. Both the studio and the foundation are integral elements in the founder’s Circular Economy vision, education and facilitating sustainability and optimization of the Indonesian environment.

„Viking Sunset Studios is excited to invite large scale film shoots to Bali. Building the huge self-contained studio right on the beach is a major long-term attraction, since for too long Indonesia has not enjoyed a proper place in movie making. Now is the time for Asian movies in general, and Viking Sunsets self-contained movie village will be price competitive and efficient without government subsidies,“ said Bo H. Holmgreen, Founder and CEO, Viking Sunset Studios.

Bali is already beautiful with so many natural movie backdrops, the beauty speaks for itself, and it’s a delight to further facilitate international movies in the large 1000+ square meters green-screen sound stage with crew and star accommodations. The surrounding mountain view, rice terraces, raging river, cliff temple, and rolling ocean waves on the beach with year-round sunsets will inspire everyone to make the best movies ever.“

Viking Sunset Studios acquired the land over a year ago and is building a modern studio facility with self-contained luxury beach accommodations and Helipad. „Until the big beach studio is open, we obtained nice administration facilities in Sanur, where a smaller green-screen studio serves as practice grounds for our creative teams and ARRI equipment,“ added Mr. Holmgreen. „We believe in the creativity and talent here, yet it needs to be grown professionally. BVS was created to help both Indonesian movie makers and film staff, but mostly to attract serious movie productions from around the world to Bali. Visual effects, animation, and gorgeous Bali location shoots will combine to amazing movie making. As post-COVID travel surveys show, „Everybody wants to come to Bali“ – yet professional movie making is complicated and needs an engine like BVS to pull it forward. Co-operation and joy are key as we bring the talents together from within Bali and from around the world.“

SOURCE Scholars of Sustenance