Ranked: Every Martin Scorsese movie rated from worst to best

Martin Scorsese is one of the best directors in movie history. His works are eclectic and his passion for portraying the lives of real people is applauded by critics. He’s poured his heart and soul into each and every one of his movies and he’s got a unique dedication to actors that he works with with continued collaboration spanning decades. There’s certain themes Scorsese is drawn to, sure, and we’ll look into those as we delve into the rankings. But there’s also themes he’s willing to experiment with, see New York, New York or Hugo, for instance.

Scorsese’s been making movies since the 1960s and he’s not letting up anytime soon. In fact, the fight for his newest works still creates bidding wars across streaming services. In 2022, he signed a massive deal with Apple TV Plus, to secure his next movie Killers of the Flower Moon, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and planned for a 2023 release. It’s a beautiful horizon for Scorsese, but we’re here to rank his works from best to worst. So, let’s hustle.  

25. Boxcar Bertha

Boxcar Bertha

(Image credit: American International Pictures)

One of Scorsese’s earliest movies, Boxcar Bertha, follows a Bonnie and Clyde-esque storyline of two train robbers-slash-lovers as they live out their lives constantly running from the law. As one of his first directorial works, it shows off some of the skills that Scorsese would later quite spectacularly hone. But, it wasn’t quite there yet.