Netflix Orders Swedish Comedy Slasher Movie ‘The Conference’ From Sf Studios (Exclusive)

Netflix is re-teaming with Sf Studios on “The Conference,” a high-concept Swedish comedy slasher film based on a novel by Mats Strandberg, one of Scandinavia’s most successful horror writers.

Patrik Eklund (“We Got This”) directed the film with a cast led by Katia Winter (“Sleepy Hollow”), Adam Lundgren (“Hilma”) and Eva Melander (“Border”).

Penned by Thomas Moldestad, the movie revolves around a team-building conference attended by municipal employees which spirals into a nightmare when accusations of corruption begin to circulate and plague the work environment. Simultaneously, a mysterious figure begins stalking and murdering the participants one-by-one.

Sf Studios, which previously delivered “Snabba Cash,” “Red Dot,” “Loving Adults” and “Ehrengard” for Netflix, is producing the film which is slated to be released globally on the streamer later this year. The shoot recently wrapped.

Strandberg is also an executive producer of film. His books have been published in over 30 countries. His successful book “The Circle,