Naomi Watts Is Unsettling In Horror Movie Remake

The first Goodnight Mommy trailer arrives showing off Naomi Watts‘ unsettling titular character in Prime Video’s horror movie remake.

Naomi Watts returns to the horror genre in unsettling fashion in the Goodnight Mommy trailer. The upcoming film acts as a remake of the 2014 Austrian horror movie of the same name which centered on Elias and Lukas, twin brothers who are excited to be reunited with their mom at her isolated country home. Goodnight Mommy follows the brothers as they begin to suspect their mother isn’t who she says is with her face covered in bandages and her behavior different from what they’ve known.


Written and directed by Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala, Goodnight Mommy scored largely favorable reviews from critics and audiences alike for its unsettling atmosphere and twisty central mystery. Development on an English-language Goodnight Mommy remake was first announced in 2018 with Amazon later acquiring the rights to the project with Brand New Cherry Flavor’s Matt Sobel attached to direct on a script from Lethal Weapon’s Kyle Warren. Naomi Watts and The Boys star Cameron Crovetti are leading the cast of Goodnight Mommy, along with the latter’s twin brother Nicholas, and now audiences are getting their first look at the horror movie remake.

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Less than a month until it premieres, Prime Video has unveiled the official Goodnight Mommy trailer. The video offers the first look at the upcoming horror movie remake, as well as Naomi Watts‘ unsettling performance in the titular role as a woman seemingly hiding a sinister secret from her sons. Check out the chilling trailer below:

The Goodnight Mommy trailer should come as an intriguing tease for horror genre fans, as well as those who fell in love with the original movie, which nearly scored an Oscar nomination. The trailer looks to be retaining much of the story and atmosphere of its source film, including the increasingly odd behavior of Watts‘ titular character and her sons‘ growing distrust of her. Those familiar with the original movie will know how this distrust ultimately plays out, some of which looks to be featured in the Goodnight Mommy trailer, including the nail-biting finale.

Though viewed by many as an English-language remake of the original film, it is interesting to note that Prime Video describes Goodnight Mommy as a „reimagining“ of its Austrian source material. While the Goodnight Mommy trailer shows some of the original horror movie’s memorable imagery, the tease of a new take on the story could leave the door open to a change to the film’s iconic final twist, a concept sure to be divisive between those eager to see a faithfulness to the original and those interested in seeing some differences between the two. Only time will tell when Goodnight Mommy hits Prime Video on September 16.

Source: Prime Video