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With the holiday season just around the corner; Tom and Jerry: Snowman’s Land must be on the top of the movies list to watch during the vacation. It is a pretty enjoyable movie, with a lot of action, breathtaking car chases, tonnes of comedy and loads of love.

Tuffy is staying with Jerry in the Town of Goodberry, where Uncle Jerry works at Mrs Mary LePage’s Toy Shop. Mrs LePage (voiced by Laraine Newman) sells toys that can be played with the power of imagination. However, Doctor Doublevay (Stephen Stanton), who lives across the road with his cat Tom, has diabolical plans to disrupt her business. A greedy tech-savvy toymaker, Doublevay prefers machines to do the work of brains and has drones, racing cars, sponge darts, and monsters to fulfil his dream.

On the other hand, Tuffy is a not-so-successful mouse with magic. One of Tuffy’s tricks magically gives life to Larry, a snowman who has a heart of gold. To keep Larry warm, Jerry and Tuffy rush to the fabled Snowman’s village, but have to dodge Doublevay who wants to capture the Snowman alive. Jerry and Tuffy want to keep Larry from melting, but Tom and Doublevay need the Snowman for their ulterior motives.

Some spark regarding the age-old feud was visible in the beginning, but halfway through the movie, the focus shifts to Tuffy, who becomes the lead. Quite later in the movie, Tom and Jerry become friends, when the latter saves Tom from drowning in manure. There is plenty of slapstick violence, which is routine for the viewers, however, catchy songs provide relief from the regular bashing of poor Tom. “You are my bestest pal” is hummable for you and can be sung in school, after the vacation is over.

Tuffy is voiced by Kath Soucie, who previously provided vocals to Jerry’s naughty nephew in Tom and Jerry: Cowboy Up as well as the TV series. For the talkative and childlike Larry, you get to hear Kevin Michael Richardson, who has voiced Optimus Prime in the last Transformers movie, as well as Trigon in Teen Titans, and even Joker in the Batman animated series.

Throughout the 76-minute duration, the trio of Jerry, Tuffy, and Larry manage to reach the destination but not after making new friends on their way. Eventually, technology is defeated when all friends fight it together, hand-in-hand.

Tom and Jerry may be fighting on screens for decades, but every time they are around, they unite the entire family, just like in the latest movie. The way friendship is portrayed here is just as cute as their fights, which many have literally grown up watching.

Published in Dawn, Young World, December 17th, 2022