Mike Tyson’s 8 Best Movie Cameos, Ranked

Mike Tyson’s role in the boxing world might be coming to an end, but his legacy will continue to be felt throughout the sport and with the new Hulu series, Mike. But it’s not just the combat industry that Tyson has left his mark on. Popular culture and Hollywood have also grown accustomed to seeing the former champion appearing in multiple films.

His roles are usually comedic in nature, and it’s rare to see a Tyson appearance that lasts longer than a brief cameo. However, there are those roles that have continued to stick with audiences, whether they are fictional characters that Mike Tyson embodied or perhaps moments where the famous boxer got to play an iteration of himself.


9 Scary Movie 5 (2013)

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The Scary Movie franchise was well known for making fun of the film industry and Mike Tyson was never afraid to get in on the laughs, often poking fun at himself. While he might have had a better cameo in the previous installment, he still showed up in the fifth entry for a great punchline.

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Sharing a brief scene with the movie’s version of Christian Grey, the boxer makes a small joke about his neck hurting. Of course, the implication of Grey and pain is an easy connection to make, but Tyson’s role isn’t an overtly standout one for the film, especially when compared to his other IMDb credits.

8 Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles (2001)

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Interestingly, Crocodile Dundee is one of the most surprising franchises to ever bag an Oscar nomination. It’s fun and never takes itself too seriously. On a trip to Los Angeles, there were all sorts of stars for Dundee and his young companion to meet, but one surprising addition was Mike Tyson himself.

Dundee and his son come across Tyson meditating in a park; a calm and collected character that audiences might not usually be used to. He offers up some genuinely moving and inspirational words and then helps Dundee back to his feet after his legs seize up. It’s a change of pace from the other Tyson appearances.

7 IP Man 3 (2015)

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The Hong Kong martial arts saga reached new heights in IP Man 3 and pitched leading man Donnie Yen against a worthy opponent. It’s not often that Tyson is brought into a picture to serve in a combat role, especially as a minor antagonist, but that’s exactly what he got the opportunity to do here.

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On the rare occasion that he wasn’t playing himself, Tyson had an extended cameo as Frank, a property developer who had some boxing experience under his belt. Tyson thrived here, pushing Yen’s IP Man to the limit in a brilliant short-form fight that genuinely tested the abilities of both men in a clash of styles.

6 Grudge Match (2013)

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Grudge Match was a boxing movie for the ages, pitting two veterans against one another in the form of Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro. With the fighters stepping into the ring with one another, for a final bout, there were plenty of famous faces watching on and analyzing the events.

Most notably, in a post-credits sequence, Mike Tyson appears alongside Evander Holyfield, sitting on a couch and commentating on the match. Specifically, Kevin Hart tries to convince the two to have a bout of their own, with Tyson even forced to apologize for his past actions. It’s a hilarious moment that calls back to Tyson’s career with Hart even warned to guard his ears after offering Holyfield a part in The Hangover 4.

5 Scary Movie 4 (2006)

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Tyson’s first appearance in the Scary Movie franchise came in the saga’s fourth entry. Playing another character, one which took some creative license from his own career, Tyson suited up as female boxer Tiffany Stone, who was involved in a match with Anna Faris‘ own fighter.

It’s a bizarre moment that allows Tyson to poke fun at himself a bit. To add to the role, Stone even tries to take advantage and get the upper hand by biting her opponent, a move that Tyson has become infamous for. It’s a small part that demonstrates how hard the Scary Movies can land when the jokes work.

4 The Hangover Part II (2011)

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Mike Tyson and The Hangover franchise are almost synonymous at this stage of his career. It was the original entry that cemented his stardom in Hollywood, but the sequel shouldn’t be ignored. It was a really different kind of position for Mike to be in, as he gets to take on the same iteration of himself in a sequel.

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3 He steals the scene once more by appearing as a wedding singer at Stu’s gathering, to cap off the movie. He even gets a killer line about being Mike Tyson and seeing everything. But the appearance doesn’t hold a candle to how unexpected his original cameo was.

2 Rocky Balboa (2006)

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Interestingly, the cameo of Mike Tyson in Rocky Balboa is one of his smallest and the boxer doesn’t really even get many lines. But it’s the importance of this appearance and the legacy that it allows Tyson to leave behind in the boxing world that elevates it.

Rocky’s journey has enchanted movie-going audiences for generations. Some of the best boxers in the world have made small cameos in the films, and it was only right that Tyson got the opportunity. This felt very close to his true personality from his career, announcing he was still the champ and setting down a challenge to his rival. It’s an opponent fans would have loved to see Rocky face.

1 The Hangover (2009)

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Is there a more iconic comedy moment in film history than the gang in The Hangover realizing that they are actually in the home of Mike Tyson? The shocking element of this is big enough, considering that Tyson supposedly keeps a tiger in his house, making the moment even odder.

But to actually have Mike Tyson show up, confused by what’s happening before eventually befriending the gang, just shows how genius the writing really is. It’s a moment packed full of laughs and will forever be the most talked about cameo from Tyson’s celebrated career.

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