Is Shooting an MCU Movie Outdoors Worthy of Praise? ‘Eternals’ Fans Seem To Think So

via Marvel Studios

MCU films have always had to incorporate elements of CGI, you can’t really do what they do without it. Recently, however, it would seem that almost every backdrop, every set, has been created through CGI which some Marvel fans aren’t always in love with. Some are pointing out that, in comparison, Chloé Zhao’s Eternals did an amazing job of shooting on location, and fans hope that more Marvel directors will take a leaf out of her book going forward.

Though Eternals is not a favorite with fans when it comes to the plethora of MCU movies, with the lowest audience scores of any MCU film on Rotten Tomatoes, fans are pointing out that it does have its merits. There were high expectations for the film when it was announced that Oscar-winning director Chloé Zhao would be on board, but the overly complicated storylines, the lackluster villain, and audiences struggling to connect to the new superheroes led to the film falling way short of those expectations. But one thing that many agree on, is that it is quite beautiful to watch.

Zhao is a director that likes to shoot outdoors on location rather than in a green screen studio as is the way with many superhero films. Shooting outdoors does come with challenges, there is less control overall, with the elements to contend with. The weather deciding to change on you, an airplane flying overhead, a stray truck making its way into the distant background (we’re looking at you Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring), but it does help to ground the film a little more in reality.

With many fans tiring of some of the poor-quality CGI found in some of the Marvel offerings and worried it will continue through phase five and six, many believe that the benefits of working outdoors may outweigh the risks.

Many of the responses agreed that they want to see more location shots in the MCU.

Though the movie wasn’t overly well received, many agree it was stunning to watch.

Though they understand that with big budgets and a fast-paced shooting schedule, a controlled environment also has its merits.

This user noted that, for Zhao, filming outdoors is the norm, and that more MCU directors should get on board with it.

Recently fans have been calling out the off putting CGI found in recent Marvel offerings.

This user points out that there have been plenty of MCU films shot on location, it’s only the more cosmic direction that Marvel studios have taken recently that has called for more CGI.

Plenty of users gripe that shooting on location shouldn’t be considered “brave” as its how films have been made for hundreds of years, and given the budget Marvel has, working around the difficulties that come with location shooting shouldn’t be a problem.

Though Eternals hasn’t been the studio’s finest hour there are still some good lessons to take away, and given the audience’s positive response to the film’s visuals and griping over recent poor-quality CGI, perhaps it’s time Marvel execs pay attention.