If You’ve Never Watched A Tom Hanks Movie, Here’s The One You Should Start With

Through the decades, Tom Hanks has captivated fans with his movies. If you’re in the mood for comedy, he has gems such as „Big,“ „Bachelor Party,“ „The ‚Burbs,“ „The Money Pit,“ and „That Thing You Do“ (via IMDb).

Of course, he’s also become a king of romantic comedies with tearjerkers such as „You’ve Got Mail“ and „Sleepless in Seattle.“ Both movies featured fan-favorite actress Meg Ryan, per The Kennedy Center. „He’s just so easy. He listens; he roots for other people,“ Ryan previously said of working with Hanks (via Today). 

However, Hanks is more than comedy and romance, which he’s proven in movies like „The Green Mile,“ „Saving Private Ryan,“ and „Philadelphia.“ The latter is a role that the actor says he wouldn’t take today as a straight man, per Entertainment Weekly. „We’re beyond that now, and I don’t think people would accept the inauthenticity of a straight guy playing a gay guy,“ Hanks told the outlet in June 2022. However, the role won him his first Oscar.

Yet, amid Hanks‘ extensive filmography, there’s one movie that seemingly has something for everyone — and it also happens to be one of his biggest films.