How to watch They/Them online and stream the horror movie from anywhere

With a title like They/Them (they “slash” them, geddit?), the latest Blumhouse Productions movie promises an intoxicating mix of gender identity themes and subversive horror movie chills. Boasting a LGBTQ+ inclusive cast headed by Golden Globe-winner Kevin Bacon as a creepy camp leader, keep reading for how to watch They/Them online, and exclusive to Peacock in the US (opens in new tab).

Watch They/Them online

Release date: Friday, August 5

Cast: Kevin Bacon, Carrie Preston, Anna Chlumsky, Theo Germaine, Quei Tann, Anna Lore, Monique Kim, Darwin del Fabro, Cooper Koch, Austin Krute

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Horror film producer Jason Blum found success with the genre-and-gender-bending slasher movie Freaky in 2020, where a killer and teen girl magically swap bodies. Now he’s bringing us They/Them, the directorial debut of Academy Award-nominated screenwriter John Logan (Gladiator, Skyfall) that follows a group of LGBTQ+ teens at a gay conversion camp run by its disconcertingly genial leader, Owen Whistler (Bacon).