Everything We Know About John Woo’s Movie Starring Omar Sy

Even though it will not be a direct remake, it is fair to speculate that there will be some elements of the original „Killer“ that will remain intact in its English reimagining. There is a likely possibility that it will involve a hitman (Ah Jong in the original, played by Chow Yun-Fat) performing one last job before retirement in order to atone for a costly mistake on the job.

While that crime and job is not known at the moment, it could resemble the storyline given to Jennie (Sally Yeh), a singer who was accidentally blinded by Ah Jong. Finally, it is probable that a detective character (Li Ying, played by Danny Lee) could find himself tangled in the assassin’s plans before eventually joining forces with him. Sy hasn’t been confirmed as either the hitman or the detective as of yet, but he would be a good fit for either character. More actors are sure to be announced in the coming weeks.

While it would be nice to watch a brand new Hollywood Woo film in theaters, it is unlikely you’ll be able to watch „The Killer“ there. That is because the film is going to be one of three original films made for Peacock, Universal Studios and NBC’s streaming service, in 2023. That is a shame, but at least we’re getting a new Woo action movie.