Every Predator Movie Ranked, Including AvP

With the recent release of Prey in late July of this year, the Predator franchise has been brought back into the limelight. Although a science fiction classic like the Predator franchise never really leaves the collective minds. The Predators, or the Yuatja, are one of the most iconic alien antagonists from their unique looks to their impressive weapons.

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The Yuatja have had seven movies to hunt down and take the imagination of viewers. As with any franchise, some films stand out for greatness and others for not being the best. This is especially true when crossovers and directors go in different directions. That’s not to say that these movies were not great in their own right.

7 Fear The Predalien From Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem

The sequel to the original crossover with the Alien franchise Alien vs. Predator: Requiem picked up immediately after the events of Alien vs. Predator. Introducing the Predator-Alien hybrid and directly tying it into the previous movie were great moves, but the rest of the film wasn’t as great.

AvP Requiem decided to go gorier with its movie putting the violence into overdrive. Perhaps the most disturbing sequence took place in a maternity ward. The film was darker than the rest of the franchise and had an ending that left a bad taste in viewers‘ mouths.

6 Take To The Streets In Predator 2

Predator 2 attempted to put a new spin on the setting for the Predator’s hunt. Instead of hunting humans in the jungle, the Yuatja decided to take to the streets of Los Angeles. Believing the Predator’s killings to be gang-related, an overzealous police lieutenant tracks it.

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While this setting was a fresh change from the original, the streets of a large city didn’t work as well for the Predator as the jungle had. In addition, the subplots, including a secret government agency hunting the Predator and a voodoo conspiracy, didn’t mesh well with the movie’s overall story. Predator 2 had potential, but it didn’t deliver.

5 A New Take With The Predator

Shane Black attempted to breathe new life into the Predator franchise with 2018’s The Predator. In this installment, a Predator is being hunted by another, stronger Predator, bringing the chase to Earth. The military gets involved, and a soldier inadvertently puts his young son at the center of everything.

The Predator hunting Predator was a good take, but the way it was mashed together in The Predator didn’t give it justice. Also, including Autism in the Rory character was a nice touch. Still, it didn’t come off as an accurate representation, but rather a way to explain away a plot hole in deciphering the Predator tech.

4 Watch The Ultimate Showdown In Alien Vs. Predator

Alien vs. Predator was the crossover battle between two science-fiction behemoths. The Xenomorphs of Alien were the perfect prey for the Yuatja of Predator to hunt down. Unfortunately, humans accidentally awaken a hibernating Xenomorph queen causing a trio of Yuatja to come to earth and exterminate the aliens.

The three-way battle between humans, Xenomorphs, and Yuatja provides plenty of action for viewers to enjoy. Unfortunately, those who wanted the scares of the two franchises will be disappointed at the lack of terrifying moments. However, Alien vs. Predator did a great job combining the two franchises into an enjoyable movie for action science fiction fans.

3 Predators Amps Up The Action

Predators is the third installment of the Predator franchise that was released after the two crossover movies. Calling back to the franchise’s action-packed roots, Predators puts a group of proficient human killers who have been kidnapped and placed in a Yuatja game reserve. The humans must fight two warring tribes of Yuatja to survive and return to Earth.

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Predators revived the franchise after the somewhat unsuccessful sequel and crossovers by reminding fans why they fell in love with the franchise in the first place. Full of action, suspense, and plenty of violence, Predators is sure to capture the attention of any Predator fan.

2 Predator Started It All

Kicking off the franchise in 1987, Predator introduced viewers to one of the most iconic science fiction villains. A military rescue team is sent to a Central American jungle under false pretenses and is hunted by a technologically advanced alien. Only one member of the team survives and is able to mortally wound the Predator.

Predator was a classic in so many ways, including the introduction of the Predator and, of course, classic lines issued by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character like, „Get to the chopper!“ Predator is an iconic movie among Predator movies and science fiction movies alike.

1 Prey Breathed New Life Into The Franchise

The fifth installment of the Predator franchise, Prey, takes viewers back to 1719. Prey follows the young Comanche woman Naru who believes the lights from the Predator ship are a Thunderbird and a sign for her to prove herself as a hunter. After an encounter with a group of Frenchmen and help from her brother, Naru is able to take down the Predator and is the lone survivor.

Prey’s story-telling, scenery, and fantastic action sequences set it apart as an excellent film. The historical accuracy and portrayal of the Comanche people really helped add to the immersion of the movie. In addition, the less technologically advanced Predator was a nice touch with the older timeline. Overall, Prey is a masterpiece of a film and should be watched by fans of the franchise and has made the Predator franchise a household name again.

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