DC’s Static Shock Movie: Is It Now Cancelled?

Warner Bros. Discovery is in the midst of some major changes behind the scenes, which unfortunately is leading to a number of projects being cut from the release schedule. This includes the largely-public cancelation of Leslie Grace’s Batgirl and the axing of a DC Wonder Twins movie, although there’s one other new outing that still remains in the balance – Static Shock.

Over two years ago at DC FanDome 2020, this movie was confirmed to be in development from Warner Bros., although no cast or crew was announced as part of that event. This movie would bring a new Black superhero to the forefront for expanding the DC universe, but since Warner Bros.‘ first virtual event at the height of the pandemic, news has mostly been static on the Static Shock solo outing.

So, the big questions remain – will Static Shock be made, and when will it move further? Well, ahead is a look back at the biggest news surrounding the development of this mysterious new DC outing.

Static Shock’s History of Development Since 2020

Static Shock, Michael B. Jordan
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As mentioned above, Static Shock was first announced at the 2020 DC FanDome event by DC CCO Jim Lee and Static Shock animated voiceover actor Phil LaMarr, alongside director Reginald Hudlin.

Only a couple of months later in October 2020, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Warner Bros. joined forces with Michael B. Jordan, who would serve as a producer on Static Shock. After his time playing Erik Killmonger for Marvel Studios in Black Panther, he was set to serve as the creative center for this new movie with major plans set for the future should it be a success.

From the last update in March 2021, writer Randy McKinnon had signed on to write the script for Static Shock. He was well known for his work on Disney+’s Safety.

Static Shock met an unfortunate update recently though, following the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery. According to an article from The Hollywood Reporter, development has slowed on a number of superhero projects, such as Supergirl, Green Lantern Corps, and the J.J. Abrams-produced Black Superman movie. Also included in that list was the Static Shock movie, leaving its fate uncertain.

Will Static Shock Actually Be Made for Warner Bros.?

As representation in major superhero movies becomes a more focused effort from companies like Marvel and DC, it would seem that DC would be excited to bring a new Black hero into the mix for fans to enjoy. But then, looking at all the troubles that Warner Bros. has had with its overall plan for movie releases, it’s almost unsurprising that this one fell by the wayside.

Whether Static Shock gets made in the future remains a mystery, particularly with only four live-action DCEU movies set for release before the end of 2023. Most recently, that came with news about a delay for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom until next Christmas, leaving the door wide open for more changes as well.

DC fans remain anxious about what Warner Bros. has in store for the future, especially with the fate of new superheroes like Static Shock being just as uneasy as that of the franchise’s Superman. Hopefully, once Warner Bros. has its latest 10-year plan organized and moving, Static Shock can be a part of those plans once again.