Critics React After Hugh Jackman’s Latest Movie The Son Got A Particularly Outstanding Ovation

Following his appearance in the 2021 sci-fi movie Reminiscence, Hugh Jackman will be back on the big screen soon for Sony Pictures Classics’ The Son. While the general public is still a few months out from seeing Jackman’s performance in this upcoming movie, The Son premiered this week at the Venice Film Festival and was met with a 10-minute standing ovation afterwards. Following that screening, critics have now shared their thoughts about Jackman’s latest movie

For those who haven’t heard about The Son, it follows a 17-year-old named Nicholas (Zen McGrath), who decides he no longer wants to live with his mother Kate (Laura Dern) and moves in with his father Peter (Hugh Jackman) and his new romantic partner Beth (Vanessa Kirby), with the two of them raising their own baby together. Peter does his best to mange his job, take care of his newborn and care for Nicholas in the way he wishes his father had done for him, but Peter’s attempts to fix past mistakes result in him losing sight on how to hold on to Nicholas in the present. The Son is based off the play Le Fils by Florian Zeller, who directed the film adaptation and co-wrote that script with Christopher Hampton. Zeller was also the filmmaker behind the Anthony Hopkins-led The Father, and yes, these two movies are narratively connected.