Chihiros A Series 2 Review

Chihiros A Series 2 Review. Maxlite life aqua gives high red saturation. side view is here: It might sound like a boy racer car revving its engine at the back of.

Chihiros A II LED from

Wrgb2 and vivid 2 by chihiros; Start date 18 may 2017; Rapport qualité / prix imbattable !

CHIHIROS WRGB II Series LED including Chihiros shadesSource:

They are full spectrum lamps that cover a spectral range of approx. True full spectrum aquarium lights. spectral.

Chihiros A Series Mark II Unboxing and Review

Chihiros aquasky aquarium led light freshwater. Durée de vie des leds :

Chihiros A2 dòng ?èn th?y sinh chuyên d?ng phù h?p m?iSource:

Hopefully it will be priced same as rgb a plus. Chihiros series a plus par data.

Chihiros A II Series Aquarium Freshwater Planted Tank

Chihiros series a plus par data. Same tank. comparison with chihiros wrgb 2 here:

Chihiros A II Series Aquarium Freshwater Planted Tank

Buy chihiros wrgb ii series led screen online. De 30 000 à 50 000 heures.


The individual leds have a colour temperature of about 8.000 kelvin and their. Hopefully it will be priced same as rgb a plus.

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This par meter is limited in that anything above 200 registers the number 1. which limits some par readings. Every chihiros a series led lighting set comes with a dimmer which lighting intensity can be manually tuned 7 stages of brightness. These a ii series led lights from chihiros are specially designed for densly planted. openly operated freshwater aquariums.

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Apart from practical yet elegantly designed light holders made in both acrylic and stainless ste Rampe programmable (durée. intensité. lever/coucher de soleil. etc.) avec le. Chihiros new lights which is a series ii will be available soon

Maxlite Life Aqua Gives High Red Saturation. Side View Is Here:

Side view of tank lit by chihiros wrgb 2 Furthermore. it’s using the same led with chihiros rgb vivid. hence light intensity higher than wrgb series. 6.5cm fixture high + 2cm water level = 8.5 cm led to water cm par par (with apogee converter factors**) 10 265 213 20 192 140 30 152 106 40 132 110 48 122 82

Rampe Déclairage Led Pour Aquarium. Alliant Un Design Sobre Et Une Grande Efficacité.

Hopefully fixed some bluetooth issue. when lost power and not turn on by default again. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Chihiros aquasky aquarium led light freshwater.

They Have A Very Slim Design And The Evenly Distributed Leds Illuminate Every Tank Completely.

Start date 18 may 2017; 18 may 2017 #1 i recently obtained a apogee sq222 par sensor from a fellow hobbyist. Chihiros series a led lamps are specially created for densly planted. open fresh water aquariums.