Three Minutes: A Lengthening movie review (2022)

There are no on-camera interviews, only the voices of people who were there, or who know people who were there, or who know things about Poland in the thirties, particularly about the Jewish experience. Sometimes Helena Bonham-Carter reads scholarly material that presumably is a distillation of things the director and her team learned during the … Weiterlesen

Days Gone movie is reportedly in the works at Sony

Since Uncharted‘s successful theatrical run earlier this year, Sony has been preparing to turn more PlayStation franchises into movies. The latest, it seems, is a big-screen adaptation of Days Gone. A report by Deadline states that PlayStation Productions, Sony’s division responsible for greenlighting these games-to-movie adaptations, is bringing on actor Sam Heughan (Outlanders) and screenwriter … Weiterlesen

When Bill Maher Made a Bonkers Sexy Cannibal Movie

Four years before he convinced a generation of comics they were sharp-witted political pundits on Politically Incorrect, and over a decade prior to his current gig railing against “woke” college kids and Islam via Real Time, Bill Maher was a rising stand-up comic who popped up in bit parts on TV shows like Murder, She … Weiterlesen

Movie-theater stocks fall, after report that U.K.’s Cineworld is preparing for bankruptcy

Shares of movie-theater operators fell in premarket trading Friday, after the Wall Street Journal reported that U.K. cinema chain Cineworld Group PLC CNWGY, +4.67% CINE, -25.74%, the parent of Regal Entertainment Group, was preparing to file for bankruptcy. The report follows Cineworld’s disclosure earlier this week that it was evaluating options for additional liquidity and … Weiterlesen

Toddler Experiences „Disney Trauma“ Due to Classic Movie

Credit: TikTok/Melanie Roy, Disney “The Disney trauma is real,” Melanie Roy captioned a recent video of her toddler, seen struggling to get through a beloved Disney movie classic. For almost a century, Walt Disney Studios has created core memories through quality films that have been tattooed on the hearts of millions. The Disney Studios content … Weiterlesen

Rating The Greatest Movie Scenes Of All Time

So here’s a roundup of the ten greatest movie scenes that still have the potential to draw in more fans. Why So Serious? (The Dark Knight) Oscar-winning star Heath Ledger is one of those antagonists who grabbed more attention than Batman. His psychotic performance while executing a gangster with the dialogue “Why so serious?” will … Weiterlesen

Colton Haynes Is Playing 2 Roles in a New Lifetime Movie

Colton Haynes is ready to double-team you. Haynes, who has previously starred in Arrow and Teen Wolf, is set to star in a double role in an all-new Lifetime movie based on true events. Haynes is starring as twin brothers in the movie Swindler Seduction, which is inspired by true events and „exposes the world … Weiterlesen

Christina Ricci Reveals Movie She Was ‚Terrible‘ In And It’ll Break Your Heart

Christina Ricci said she didn’t have a ghost of a chance to perform well in “Casper,” recalling that she was distracted and failed to muster enough effort. She starred in the 1995 movie featuring the “Casper the Friendly Ghost” comics character after establishing herself in two “Addams Family” movies. “If you actually watch ‘Casper,’ I’m … Weiterlesen

Summer Movie Memories: 2002 – Awards Radar

Believe it or not, we are at the tail end of the summer movie blockbuster season. It got off to a flying start with Top Gun: Maverick and has continued with Thor: Love and Thunder, Elvis and Nope, among other films. Just like summer itself, things move fast as we enter the dog days of … Weiterlesen