10 Worst Movie Twins

Fiction has a strange obsession with twins, particularly identical twins. On the one hand, there’s an ideal that twins are each other’s closest friends. They might not always get along, but they understand each other better than anyone else and are stronger together. Related: 10 Best TV Siblings On the other hand, there are the … Weiterlesen

Things That Happen In Every Insidious Movie

A common theme within all of the „Insidious“ movies is that the dead and other spiritual entities will try to deceive you. During the first film, Josh learns that he used to astral project (his soul left his body) when he was a child, just like his son is doing now. When someone does this, … Weiterlesen

Live-Action Pac-Man Movie in Development

It would appear that a live-action movie adaptation of the Pac-Man video game franchise is officially in development. What, exactly, a live-action version of the classic arcade video game might even look like is unclear, but it certainly appears to be a thing that Bandai Namco Entertainment is doing. Pac-Man, if you are not familiar … Weiterlesen

Review: Slick crime novel ‚Heat 2‘ revisits a classic movie

“Heat 2: A Novel” by Michael Mann and Meg Gardiner (William Morrow) Hollywood screenwriter and director Michael Mann and veteran thriller writer Meg Gardiner have achieved a rarity with their novel “Heat 2”: a screen-to-page sequel that stands tall o “Heat 2: A Novel” by Michael Mann and Meg Gardiner (William Morrow) Hollywood screenwriter and … Weiterlesen

The LEGO Movie 3 Producer Updates the Sequel’s Status

The Lego Movie producer Dan Lin confirms the 2014 animated action-adventure comedy film’s second sequel is still in active development. The Lego Movie 3 producer Dan Lin recently shared a positive update on the upcoming sequel’s status. Lin discussed the second follow-up to animated action-adventure comedy The Lego Movie in an episode of The Ankler’s … Weiterlesen

Joker 2: Zazie Beetz REVEALS why Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga’s movie being a musical ‚makes wonderful sense‘

Thanks to the big reveal last week, everyone is talking about Joker 2 starring Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga! Titled Joker: Folie à Deux, a graphic tease was unveiled of the upcoming sequel, which sees Joaquin returning as Arthur Fleck aka Joker (after winning his first-ever Oscar for his phenomenal performance!) while Gaga enters the … Weiterlesen

DC’s New Robin Makes The Coolest Possible Tribute To a Movie Hero

Macaulay Culkin’s Home Alone role is iconic, so much so that the new Flashpoint version of Robin re-enacts one of his best movie lines. Warning! Spoilers ahead for Flashpoint Beyond #4 In DC’s Flashpoint universe, a new Robin has been born, and in the process, he’s paying tribute to a classic kid movie hero from Home Alone. In the Flashpoint universe, … Weiterlesen

10 Best Movie Sisters

Sibling relationships play huge roles in the narratives of many films and television shows. The relationship between siblings understands conflict, love, and unity like no other dynamic can, and as such, viewers find themselves drawn to many relatable sibling dynamics in media. RELATED: 10 Best Sisters In TV Shows The role of the sister is … Weiterlesen