10 Horror Movie Villains That Come From Different Dimensions

Hellraiser is coming back in 2022 with a brand-new reboot. The franchise was once a successful theatrical horror series about demons from another dimension, called by people who wanted power and didn’t mind receiving a little torture to gain it. However, it soon ended up as a straight-to-video franchise with several lackluster movies under its belt. With the new movie coming to Hulu on October 7, 2022, a new generation can meet the terrifying Pinhead and learn what makes him so scary.

However, Pinhead isn’t the only horror villain that came from other dimensions to frighten movie audiences. There are many such villains, some coming from the dream realm, others from the outer reaches of space, and even a few that come from Hell itself. While horror fans love terror that feels real, it sometimes creates more scares when the monsters are completely out of this world.


10 Pinhead

Pinhead first appeared in the 1987 movie Hellraiser. Based on the Clive Barker story The Hellbound Heart, Pinhead led a group of demons known as Cenobites. They lived in an extra-dimensional realm, a group of beings who were once human but now live as demonic creatures blindly devoted to the practice of experimental sadomasochism.

While there were other Cenobites, growing more grotesque by the movie, Pinhead remained the most iconic. Earning his name thanks to the pins sticking into his face and head, he remains horrific, with the entire purpose of inflicting torture on humans who summon him to achieve great power through their suffering.

9 Freddy Krueger

At one time, Freddy Krueger was a normal human, living in a small house on Elm Street. However, he was also a great monster, kidnapping and assaulting children in the neighborhood before their parents took justice in their own hands and burned him to death in a fire.

This didn’t stop his reign of terror, as his soul ended up in the dream realm. He then sought revenge on the Elm Street kids through their dreams. What makes him so iconic is that he pulls the kids into his dream dimension as they sleep, and if he kills them in his realm, they die in the real world, making him one of the scariest supernatural slasher villains.

8 Pennywise

When he first appeared in the town of Derry, Maine, most people thought that Pennywise the Dancing Clown was a serial killer who dressed up like a clown. However, when the kids of Derry set out to stop him, they learned he was much worse than that.

Pennywise wasn’t a clown. He wasn’t even human. Pennywise was a shape-shifting monster who originated from a void surrounding the universe, something Stephen King called the „Macroverse“ in his novel, It, the book this scary movie is based on. Interestingly, there were other monsters King created in this Macroverse, and Pennywise was just one of the scariest.

7 Pazuzu

One of the scariest villains from another dimension arrived in the 1973 movie, The Exorcist. This ended up as one of the most successful horror movies of all time, earning 10 Oscar nominations, and remaining the exorcism movie that all others battle to live up to.

The demon possessing Regan MacNeil in the movie is Pazuzu, called the king of demons in the novel. As with most demons, he is from a version of a Hell dimension and has to possess people in the real world to hold actual power. The demon also returned in the sequel, seeking revenge.

6 The Tall Man

The Tall Man is from the 1979 Don Coscarelli horror movie Phantasm. At first, The Tall Man appeared as a regular human, a man who ran a funeral parlor. He used small metal spheres to kill his victims. However, his origin showed he used to be a human until he made his way to another dimension.

The Tall Man was a mortician in the 19th Century but is now an immortal killing machine thanks to power gained in the dimension in which he discovered. Once returning, he had superhuman strength, could shapeshift, and had telekinetic abilities. It is also impossible to kill him, making him a nearly unstoppable monster.

5 Deadites

The Deadites are not just one villain from another dimension, but an entire race of creatures intent on death and destruction. Originally appearing in Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead, these are demons from a Hell dimension who only arrive on Earth when summoned.

As with the best horror movies, someone accidentally summons them, with Ash Williams as the guilty party in that first Evil Dead movie. These Deadites can possess the dead and often can even take over the body of living people, and the only way to free a person is usually to kill them, making these movie villains deadly.

4 Event Horizon

The movie Event Horizon presented a villain from another dimension differently. Instead of a demon or a person showing up from the other dimension and killing people, the villain here was actually a spacecraft called Event Horizon.

For much of the movie, a crew tries to find out what killed everyone on Event Horizon when it reappeared in space after going missing seven years earlier. What they soon discovered was that the ship gained sentience during its trip to a hellish dimension outside the known universe and wants to kill everyone onboard.

3 Damien Thorn

For many people, there isn’t a scarier alternate dimension than Hell itself. In religion, the end of times arrives with the birth of the Antichrist, and that is what The Omen is about. The movie begins when a powerful diplomat’s baby ends up switched out with another after its birth.

The new baby is the Antichrist, named Damien Thorn. Originating from Hell itself, the child then becomes a terrifying monster, killing people with his demonic powers, and eventually growing up to become a politician, setting up the apocalypse in the sequels. Creepy kids are scary, but when they are the Antichrist, it takes on a new level of terror.

2 Pale Man

In the Spanish-language fantasy horror movie Pan’s Labyrinth, Guillermo Del Toro creates some horrifyingly beautiful creatures for the movie. One of the scariest is the demon known as The Pale Man, a creature with his eyes in his hands and an appearance that is pure nightmare fuel.

The horrors in Pan’s Labyrinth comes from two places. Ofelia lives in Spain during the Spanish Civil War. Her mother has married a military man hunting down rebels. In an alternate dimension, the real-world horrors play out fantastically, where Ofelia is a princess and monsters like The Pale Man want to stop her from returning to her kingdom and finding peace.

1 The Djinn

The fantasy horror Wishmaster is an underrated movie from 1997. Produced by Wes Craven and directed by Robert Kurtzman, the movie could have fit in perfectly in the 1980s, but seemed out of place in the late 90s. However, the creature of the Djinn remains a scary creation.

The movie’s narrator reveals at the start that God created man on Earth, angels in the light, and the Djinn in the fire. These Djinn lived in a dimension between worlds, but as with the classic myths, existed to give wishes to people. However, the third wish would release an army of Djinn into this dimension. The twist on the Djinn myths makes this a movie worth watching and beating these horror villains requires trickery rather than fighting skills.

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