10 Best Superhero Movie Openings

The opening scene can make or break a movie. Beginning a comic book movie can be more difficult because directors translate artwork for the big screen while adapting characters and storylines that fans hold dear. The introduction lets the viewer know the director’s style and intentions for the upcoming scenes.

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A good opening scene for a comic book movie must be visually and audibly appealing while establishing the director’s vision for bringing the pages of a comic book to life. The best comic book movie openings initiate the plot and set themselves apart while giving the viewer something to think about long after the final credits roll.

10/10 Michael Keaton Is Batman

Tim Burton worked with composer Danny Elfman on Pee Wee’s Big Adventure four years before he created the sounds for Batman. The catchy opening song takes viewers through what looks like the Batcave, but it zooms out to reveal the Batman logo. It doesn’t further the plot, but it’s audibly and visually stunning.

The film opens on a gothic-looking Gotham City as a family of tourists is robbed at gunpoint. The Caped Crusader takes his time before revealing the classic cowl. Michael Keaton’s first line, „I’m Batman,“ will forever remain part of comic book movie history, and the simplistic opening shall remain one of the best.

9/10 Valerian And Building The City Of 1,000 Planets

Luc Besson’s theatrical adaptation of the comic book series Valerian and Laureline received mediocre Rotten Tomatoes scores. Although the visuals are stunning, the dialogue is a bit campy, and the storyline is slightly disjointed. But the opening scene is epic and one of the best science-fiction movie opening scenes of all time.

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Valerian and the City of 1,000 Planets begins with David Bowie’s „Space Oddity“ with archival footage of the International Space Station. Different countries meet one another before species from various planets and star systems soon follow. It’s the perfect set-up for the adventure that lies ahead.

8/10 The Suicide Squad’s Second Chance

Warner Bros released the first seven minutes of The Suicide Squad’s opening scene before its release in theaters and on HBO Max. Amanda Waller and Rick Flag introduce Michael Rooker’s Savant to the rest of Task Force X before a gut-busting dialogue on the way to their mission.

James Gunn gathers some of the most obscure villains in the DC universe before the unit dispatches. The group audiences get to know is a decoy as Team 2, the film’s featured Suicide Squad, lands on the beach. The opening credits, with Gunn’s musical prowess, kick off an enjoyable entry to the DCEU.

7/10 Come And Get Your Guardians Of The Galaxy

James Gunn’s first installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe boasts one of the best opening scenes. In Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter Quill sits in solitude with his Walkman during his mother’s final moments. He flees outside weeping before the Ravagers abduct the young boy to start a new life traversing the galaxy.

After the Marvel Studios logo, viewers meet back up with Peter years later on the planet Morag to steal an orb that, unbeknownst to him, contains the Power Stone. Star-Lord plays „Come and Get Your Love“ by Redbone as he dances to the Infinity Stone, becoming one of the MCU’s most memorable moments.

6/10 Re-Watch The Opening To Watchmen

The Watchmen graphic novel opens with Rorschach’s journalistic narrative social commentary. The quintessential graphic novel serves as one of the best DC stories of the ’80s. Zack Snyder saves that scene until after the opening scene. The film begins with the murder of The Comedian, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, which kicks off Rorschach’s investigation.

After The Comedian gets thrown from his apartment, the camera zooms in to The Comedian’s Badge, an iconic image straight from the pages of the graphic novel. The opening credits roll with Snyder’s signature slow motion with Bob Dylan’s „The Times They Are a-Changin'“ plays in its entirety.

5/10 Miles Morales‘ Origin Into The Spider-Verse

Sony Pictures Animation’s Oscar-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is the only comic book movie with the seal „Approved by the Comics Code Authority.“ The opening credits are colorful and action-packed, setting the stage for the overall story as Peter Parker makes various Spidey references.

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The movie quickly introduces Miles Morales to the big screen and his chaotic journey to school. The opening perfectly sets up the plot by introducing Gwen Stacy, whom the portal pulls into Miles‘ universe a week before the other Spider-characters.

4/10 The Self-Aware The Lego Batman Movie

The Lego Batman Movie opens with „Black. All Important movies start with a black screen.“ The iconic voice of Will Arnett’s Lego Batman continues over some „edgy, scary music that would make a parent or studio executive nervous.“ This animated film is hilariously self-aware.

Lego Batman roasts the Warner Bros and DC logos and calls out Superman before stealing a Michael Jackson quote as the movie begins. Crisp and colorful animation, well-timed jokes, and a well-established plot make for one of the most memorable and attention-grabbing comic book movie openings.

3/10 Iron Man Introduces The MCU

Tony Stark begins his MCU tenure as a trust fund businessman who sells arms to the United States military. Iron Man opens in the Kunar Province in Afghanistan. A military convoy escorts Tony to a demonstration of Stark Industries‘ Jericho Missile system.

Following the successful demonstration, The Ten Rings ambush the convoy. The billionaire escapes the Hummer, desperately seeking a place to hide before being ironically injured by one of his explosives. Jon Favreau’s opening is funny, tense, and a perfect introduction to the obscure Marvel character that became the face of Marvel Studios.

2/10 A High-Security Break-In To Start X2

The highly-anticipated X-Men follow-up did not disappoint critics or fans. X2 returns the original cast and brings Brian Cox into the mix as William Stryker. The sequel serves as a benchmark for comic book movies to come. The opening scene grabs the audience’s attention and keeps it throughout the film’s duration.

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The incredible scene opens in the White House as the Secret Service approaches a mysterious man. A tail appears behind the stranger revealing Nightcrawler, played by Alan Cumming. The teleporting hero makes his way through the high-security house to leave a message in the Oval Office and increase tensions between mutants and humankind.

1/10 The Dark Knight’s Opening Is No Joke

It’s no secret that fans of comic book movies rarely agree on one thing. However, the one movie that tends to bridge the divide is The Dark Knight. Christopher Nolan does an exceptional job of capturing attention and re-introducing the most iconic Batman villain in history.

Nolan’s realism combined with Hans Zimmer’s masterful score makes this scene a masterclass in movie openings. The tension that builds as the bank robbers don clown masks and discuss the Joker makes the villain’s appearance far more satisfying. It’ll be tough for comic book movies to top in the future.

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