10 Amazing Fantasy Movie Worlds You Wouldn’t Want To Live In

We’d all like to believe that life is a movie, and we all have a certain set of movies that we’d love to live in. While some might draw you in and promise an adventure of a lifetime, others might not have the most utopian setting.

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To escape into the fantasy of a movie and leave the harsh realities behind is the dream. But not every fictional world is what it seems, right from Harry Potter to Alice in Wonderland, each fantasy world holds some sinister and some downright terrifying things that make it a world nobody would want to live in.


Harry Potter

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Seamus Finnigan, Neville Longbottom and Dean Thomas standing together in 'Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone'

Many fans are enamored by the charms of the wizarding world in Harry Potter and with good reason. Living in a massive castle with sumptuous feasts, cool spells, unique classes, and some delicious Butterbeer has its upsides. But the dangers that surround Hogwarts at all times trump the perks by a mile.

Sure magic may make things easy, but it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows in the wizarding world. Harry Potter has a certain rep where you are in constant danger, what with Dementors flying around waiting to suck the happiness out of you. Not to mention the Triwizard Tournament which has a high death toll and the moving stairs inside the castle are a definite hazard.

The Hunger Games

the hunger games katniss takes cover in the woods as she readies herself
Image via Lionsgate

This one is pretty self-explanatory. The Hunger Games is about living in districts sorted by class and having an annual televised event where residents have to fight to the death with 23 other people. The worst bit about The Games has to be how random the selection process is. It is also hard to imagine the agony one might have to go through every single year just to wait for their name to be picked out eventually.

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Moreover, Panem is a hard but definite reflection of society as we know it. Where the richer get richer while exploiting the poor for their pleasure and forcing them into subservience.

Jurassic Park

Dinosaur about to attack Alan Grant

Jurassic Park was a visual treat, the special effects and the use of animatronics made the film and its subsequent sequels cinematic masterpieces. But to live in a world where scientists bring back genetically engineered extinct predators, with little knowledge about the complete extent of their scale and strength is where we draw the line.

While the parks themselves looked like really cool places to visit, it isn’t worth risking your life, no matter how much you’d want to meet the prehistoric creatures. And making this same error four times over seems like a bit much.



In a sense, Pixar’s Wall-E was one of the darkest, most dystopian films from the animation studio. While the animation and the characters are adorable and well thought through, it isn’t the kind of world we’d see ourselves in, even though reality might not be much further.

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To live on an inhabitable planet where life, as we know it has vanished, is a little daunting, but to also live in a blimp where technology has completely taken over lives to make us an unhealthier, more brainwashed version of ourselves is even scarier. Even though some places in the Axiom looked like they’d make for fun vacation spots, the conditions that the inhabitants were living in weren’t exactly optimal.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan, tinkerbell, wendy and her brothers sitting in the clouds

Not growing up is all fun and games till you have to leave your family behind and live in a strange place. Peter Pan (2003) is one of those movies where staying in Neverland might seem like a delight on the surface but in reality, it isn’t the most pleasant experience.

Especially with Captain Hook and the ravenous crocodiles around, it would be a hard sell for anybody, and to top it all off being stuck at a certain age forever and ever will get boring and monotonous after a while. Even Wendy and her brothers had to leave Neverland eventually and go back to their parents.


Robin Williams with a full beard stepping into civilization for the first time

The idea of board games sounds fun, but when the same board game alters reality, sucks people into it, and unleashes several feral creatures from the wild into the real world, doesn’t sound that great, does it? Jumanji was the story of young Alan Parrish played by Robin Williams who gets sucked into the mysterious board game and is released twenty-six years later.

Having giant mosquitoes, carnivorous vines, lions and wild animals running amuck in your mansion isn’t the most ideal situation and to be sucked into a game and being thrown into the wild with zero prep is even worse and is undoubtedly a world you wouldn’t want to live in.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice, Mad Hatter and the White Queen ready for battle
Image via Disney

Tim Burton’s movies are an immersive experience with his signature dark and grungy style, living in most of them though, isn’t so much of a treat. The same can be said about Alice in Wonderland.

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A world with some questionable and freaky albeit charming characters is weird enough but add an eccentric queen who is obsessed with beheadings to the mix? Immediately no. Just being a witness to Alice fighting the Jabberwocky and being in constant fear of being snatched up by the Bandersnatch is horrifying enough for people to nope out of there.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Thanos assembles the infinity stones

While a world with superheroes with cool gadgets and funky costumes might seem like one big action-packed adventure, the reality is far from it. Living in any Marvel Cinematic Universe would be a scary experience, considering your city will almost always be at risk of destruction at the hands (or fingers) of an evil villain.

Think about it, having your loved ones disappear out of nowhere just because a purple monster decided to snap his fingers isn’t the happiest thought. You better have some airtight insurance because the loss of property and human life is always a possibility considering all the fights lead to plenty of destruction at any given point.

Toy Story

Toy Story 3

The concept that Toy Story was based on was extremely unique and made the perfect recipe for some creative story-telling. It also convinced the collective population of kids across the globe that their toys could talk.

But the feeling that you are constantly being watched by your toys, and that you will never know whether you are seems a little creepy and voyeuristic. Knowing now that they could catch you off guard, attack, and take over your entire life at any given point in time seems terrifying. Even living as a toy, constantly worried about being tossed away, forgotten, or left behind is just as scary a thought and if the movies are anything to go by you might never know what perils might befall your toy.


Shailene Woodley in 'Divergent'
Image via Summit Entertainment

Divergent is set in dystopian, post-apocalyptic Chicago where members of the society are divided into factions with different character traits, Dauntless, Erudite, Abnegation and Candor.

The scary bit is that if you don’t fit into any faction or are “Divergent” you are killed off almost immediately to maintain the status quo and restore social order. You even have to worry about fitting in and making tough decisions about what faction you would be in for the rest of your life, as a teenager and that can’t be the smartest thing to do. And if you just so happen to be in Dauntless you have to go through a series of life-threatening tasks just to prove your mettle with the fear of being cast away and being “factionless” looming right overhead.

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